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10 Commandments in Different Traditions

Wiccan/Pagan 10 Commandments (Singer, 2006) I. Thou Art God and Goddess II. As Above So Below, As Within So Without III. Spirit Abides in All Things, Names and Words of Power IV. Maintain an Attitude of Gratitude (Walk the Talk) … Continue reading

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Stir the Imagination

This past wednesday, my friend Etain Butterfly ( and I went to check out one of our newest metaphysical shops in town. It was a great place with plenty of goodies to keep your eyes and imagination wandering! We welcomed … Continue reading

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Pagan Blog Project 2012

***I am actually a little behind on starting this considering I just began my blog today, but I am ready to hop right in! What is The Pagan Blog Project? (The Short Answer) This project is a way to spend … Continue reading

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Welcome to my First Blog Post!

Hello everyone! Thanks for being patient as I learn how to use wordpress. I am a user, so this site is very different from what I am used to. I hope to fill these pages with information I discover … Continue reading

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