Candle Making and Crocheting


Today I have been spending some time exploring a side of me that is usually not experimented with: my CREATIVE side!

I have been slowly teaching myself how to crochet, and every time I begin, I stop. Then I go back to pick it back up and end up undoing the whole thing and starting over. So last night I started again, and this time I am determined to finish it, even if it turns out super ugly, its all part of the learning process. I do have to say though, I’m not so bad for teaching myself.

I also have been teaching myself how to make candles. I have made a few of them, such as a pillar candle for my altar, I remade some directional jar candles for our church, Sacred Birch Society (link at the side, click the picture of the birch), and today was my very first home-made votive candles.

Today making these candles gave me more ideas for the future. I plan on using 2 of the candles we made today for our Lughnasadh ritual which I will be leading this year. I also made 2 more which are different colors but I am still waiting for them to set.

I found that I can shave my big chunks of old candle wax with the grater I use for when I make coleslaw, and can store those in a bag until ready or I can melt the shavings (melting the shavings melts faster than big chunks) and pour the melted wax into an old ice cube tray, cool it in the fridge then pop them out and put them in a bag until later use. It makes for an easier way to store them and the colors can be sorted better.

This was also my first time adding scents to them. For the ones in the picture above I used Lavender for the blue part, and Tangerine for the red part. I’d like to expand my essential oil collection so I can have a wider range of scents.

The only problem I seem to be running into consistently is that when the wax sets, it likes to sink in around the wick. All the books I read just say to add more wax after it sets and sinks, then fill it in with more wax. It seemed to work for a couple but the others didn’t seem to help much. Trial and error I suppose!

The other two candles I made were lavender blue on the bottom and spearmint purplish color on the top (I mixed red wax with sage colored dye and thats what came out)

Here they are:


These ones sunk in a bit more but I really like to color combination. I think i would like to continue making more. I also want to get (I think its called) snowflake oil to give the candles a different textured look. We shall see. But I am really liking the idea of making my own ritual candles. It’s a work in progress!

Blessed Be!

About Amistis Reudan

Amistis Reudan is an Ordained Minister actively practicing Paganism since 2000. Mom of 2 boys, CNA at a local hospital, and Health/Fitness Coach.
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3 Responses to Candle Making and Crocheting

  1. earthfae says:

    Oh, how lovely, I am teaching myself to cross-stich and I do not think I am as good LOL.

    Nice candles though!

  2. etain1 says:

    Good idea about storing candle wax by putting it in ice cube trays….will get started as some burn down. Will contact you later for more directions. LOL

  3. fenifuego says:

    Hello! I make my own ritual candles as well and I’m fairing new. I’ve recently been experimenting with hand dipping and twisting two colored tapers for dual purpose work.

    If you want to avoid the sunken in look in your poured candles, you have to make a few holes around the wick before adding new liquid wax. Because the wax shrinks as it cools, you have to do this several times while the wax cools before you no longer have a hole and you get a nice peak. It’s a bit frustrating, but worth it if you want a nice look to your candles.

    Happy candle making!

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