“B” is for Baths


Many of my witchie books mention ritual bathing, which is bathing for the intent of purifying your body, mind, and spirit before entering into sacred space. I’m not sure how many people actually do this practice, but I think it would be beneficial if more people engaged in this practice.

For 5 years I have not had access to a working bath tub, so I settled for ritual showers. Now that I have moved to a new place, it is taking me quite a while to get used to doing baths again. Many people I talk to tell me they do not like baths because they are “sitting in their own dirt.” My solution to that is to take a physically cleansing shower prior to the ritual bath. But before we being our bath, its important to make sure all the components are set up.

ImageI personally like to use “special soap” for my ritual baths. I have a few bars my friend sold to me that are organic and home-made which I like to use more than store bought commercially manufactured soaps. There’s something about them that make me feel more connected to the cleansing itself.


Also do not forget to have a clean towel to wrap yourself in when you are done with bathing. Nothing feels as good as stepping out of a warm bath to wrap yourself in a warm, soft towel.


Candles make a nice ambiance to the atmosphere when cleansing oneself. White is the color of purity and cleansing, but any other candle can be used for other purposes.


 Often times scents or oils are added to the baths for added magickal properties. It really depends on what your purpose is you wish to achieve. Some like to opt out due to the oily feeling (the best way to avoid that is to only add a few small drops).


 I like to make sure my ritual wear is nearby, and before I dress, I say a little blessing over my clothing and a prayer of thanks as I dress.


Others opt for just a robe until they are ready to prepare for the ritual itself.


Another option instead of oil/fragrance is to use a sachet of herb. Wrap the herbs in a cloth, or tea bag, or even a coffee filter and staple it shut, and drape it over the faucet as the bath fills or just let it float around in the bath as it fills.


 Now that we have everything (feel free to explore adding more creative aspects as well such as music or other ideas), lets look at the ritual cleansing itself.

Make sure your water is warm, but not so hot as to make you lightheaded or sick feeling. Draw a banishing pentagram over the water as it fills.

Light your candles, being careful of fire hazards such as the shower curtain. Turn out the bathroom lights. Say a prayer as you enter the water, asking that your mind, body, and spirit be cleansed. Relax in the water and enjoy the feeling inside and out.

Close your eyes and let all the negativity and other frustrations seep out of your bod. Take a few deep breaths, imagine that as you exhale you are pushing negativity away from you and removing all blocks. Meditate on things you would like to clear from your life. Don’t stress over them, just let them go. Open your eyes and cleanse your body with the soap visualizing the cleansing of your body while simultaneously cleansing your mind and spirit.  Don’t forget your hair as well.

When you are finished, dry off with your towel, put on our robe or ritual clothes while offering a prayer of thanks. As the water drains from the tub, visualize the astral nasties going down the drain with the water. Turn on the bathroom lights, extinguish the candles, clean out the tub removing the oils, herbs, or other deposits.

About Amistis Reudan

Amistis Reudan is an Ordained Minister actively practicing Paganism since 2000. Mom of 2 boys, CNA at a local hospital, and Health/Fitness Coach.
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3 Responses to “B” is for Baths

  1. etain1 says:

    Nice and right to the point! I love ritual baths and use the oil/fragrance that we mixed up during the Sisters of the Craft outing. I love that smell!

  2. I really enjoyed this post. I agree too that more people should observe the ritual bath. I have found too that a ritual bath can be it’s own ritual. I do an aura cleaning in the bath when I am feeling really scattered and spread too thin and it does wonders! (not to mention the sleep I get after is always wonderful) In the morning I put some sea salt and essential oil in the bottom of the shower to start the day too.

  3. jen says:

    Taking a bath is one of the most luxurious things a women can enjoy. Love using aromatherapy oils in my bath especially after a long day when I need to relax.

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