Blessed Litha!


Blessed Litha friends! I celebrated Litha with our church, The Sacred Birch Society (Link on the right, click the Birch Symbol) last Saturday, and had a wonderful time with friends, family, and Spirit. We were really blessed to have such pleasant weather to enjoy our ritual. Our circle was beautifully outlined with Peony petals from our head minister, Etain’s, gardens.


I performed my very first dedication ceremony for one of our members, and I was surprised at how well it went. Ritual went very smoothly (with only one small mishap that was my fault for overlooking on accident), and I felt so light and happy afterwards. Usually because of having so many members coming and so much to do for setting up etc I get a bit stressed, but since it was Father’s Day weekend our turn out was smaller, which was a nice change of pace. It gave me time to really talk to one of our newer members, and enjoy myself more than  usual.

Today being the actual day of Litha/Midsummer/Summer Solstice, I am saddened for the fact that I have to spend the whole day indoors in air conditioning at work. I spent a little time on my balcony this morning, but I would SOOOOO love to spend the whole day swimming or some other fun outdoor activity. I am really itching to go to Cedar Point or Michigan’s Adventure, but it takes money I do not have at the moment, and I have to convince my love, who is very afraid of heights lol.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and are able to enjoy the longest day of the year! Also, Happy Birthday Etain Butterfly!!!! Couldn’t ask for a more perfect day to honor your entrance into the world! We would be lost without you!

Blessed Be!

About Amistis Reudan

Amistis Reudan is an Ordained Minister actively practicing Paganism since 2000. Mom of 2 boys, CNA at a local hospital, and Health/Fitness Coach.
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1 Response to Blessed Litha!

  1. etain1 says:

    When I set up for Litha Ritual I made the circle smaller and more Intimate. I also have to agree that Me doing the ritual part and you doing the dedication created a more relaxing moment for the both of us. You did great!

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