“F” is for Familiars

A familiar is often defined as “an animal with whom we have a magickal connection.” For many this can be a pet cat or dog, while others prefer less common animals such as horses, reptiles, birds, etc. Some even use mythological creatures such as dragons and unicorns on the astral level.

For myself, I have two felines. Each has their own story and their own personality. I love them both as much as a mother would love their own child. (Being that I don’t have any biological children of my own yet -I have a “stepdaughter” in a way- they are my “fur babies”).

Willow was my first cat of my own. I’ve always grown up in a household of animals but I never had a cat that was officially “mine”. So one day my mom took in a very pregnant orange tabby. I called her Melon because she looked like a fat orange melon! On July 5th 2005 at 6:00p I was able to witness her giving birth. It was perfect timing since I just got off work and arrived just in time. Willow was the first born of many (I think there was 8 total I’m not positive anymore!) She was so tiny, but I loved the fact that she had a perfect line down the center of her nose. (Even the skin part was split but as she grew the skin part turned pink while the fur part stayed split.)

I named her Willow because it is one of my favorite trees, and the way her fur had such odd markings it reminded me of tree bark. Once she was weened I was able to take her home. I litter trained her and she was a crazy psycho kitten, but always made me laugh. She’d make me feel so guilty locking her in the bathroom with her litter box at night to teach her to use it. She would cry and cry until I let her out, and she would run into bed with me and dig in the blankets until she was buried deep and laying close to me for my warmth.

For some odd reason she liked to ride on my shoulder. And she always has to climb up from my left side. She refuses to do it from my right side. She still does it, but no longer fits on one shoulder. She covers both! She is always near by, comforts me when I’m down, and always seems to know when something witchy is in the air, because she always comes running!

My other is Salem. He was born approximately May 14th 2010 according to my vet. He was born an outdoor kitty to one of the strays I fed regularly that I called Momma Kitty. He always stayed far enough away from me so that I could never touch him, but was content in sleeping a few feet from me in the grass. When I’d feed him, I’d gradually get closer and closer until I was finally able to pet him. He still ran away a few times, but when he finally realized what “petting” was, he couldn’t get enough of it.

Winter time came and I always felt bad for the outdoor kitties. I would sneak Salem inside when Handsome wasn’t home. Little did I know, he was doing the same thing when I was gone! (Also it took me forever to tell if he was male or female because he always had his tail tucked!) When my taxes came that winter, I discussed adopting him with Handsome.

We agreed, so I got him fixed, got all of his shots and tested for different diseases, and got him micro-chipped (which is a  good thing because little did I know he’s become quite the escape artist!) Now he is comfortably an indoor cat (with occasional balcony privileges) and he’s gained some weight since being fixed and is normally called “Fat” or “Chubby Wubby” which he responds to with great enthusiasm.

Both my familiars fill me with such joy and contentment. They get along (and are very vocal!) They are always pleased to see me when I get home and even when I’m being a grouch! My days are never boring, and I know I will never be truly alone with them around! I wish they knew how much I loved them and appreciate everything they do for me on so many level! Love you babies!

Blessed Be!

Amistis Reudan

**Taken as I was writing this post 😛

About Amistis Reudan

Amistis Reudan is an Ordained Minister actively practicing Paganism since 2000. Mom of 2 boys, CNA at a local hospital, and Health/Fitness Coach.
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