“G” is for Guardians

My dear friend Etain Butterfly introduced me to a beautiful way to start and end my day. In the mornings we say the following prayer:

“I call upon you, my universal powers, and all spirits of guidance. You who will see me fulfill my own best destiny, in harmony with the universe. Hear my prayers, for I open my mind and heart to your wisdom, so I may manage problems and make wiser decisions. Help me be receptive to inspiration, so I may bring skill into all that I do. Please help me perceive the energies at work in the world around me, and that I may set priorities, avoid troubles, and recognize opportunities. Please help me be sensitive to the needs of others so I may know when I am most needed and give blessings. So Mote It Be!”

This helps me get into the right frame of mind to start my day, and asks the guardians in my life (be it guardian angels, helpful spirits, or Deity, etc.) to look over me and those around me, and to influence me for the highest good.

It also helps me to say positive affirmations as well as a quick tarot spread each morning to get a feel for what to expect that day and get my mind in a positive setting.

I find that if I skip some of these things or any other part of my spiritual morning routine, I don’t feel “right” most of the day and tend to have a more negative outlook on life. Its hard to remain positive sometimes, especially in my line of work and the things I see day after day, but as my patient told me yesterday “you can only try!” So it doesn’t hurt to have a little help from your guardians rooting for you in your corner!

As for night time, we say the following prayer to end our day:

“The cares of the day are now set aside, forgotten in the softness of the growing darkness. Please be with me, my universal powers and all my guardian spirits. May I be protected throughout the night and awaken fully refreshed, eager to face the day. I also ask that all beings everywhere find rest and comfort as well. So Mote It Be!”

This helps me quiet my mind and not dwell on the events of the day worrying about things that are already done or are out of my control. Following a bedtime routine gives my mind the all clear for dreaming (and my friends all know how crazy my dreams are!) Even while I sleep, I ask to be protected from harm as well as those around me, for the guardians are always on watch.

Blessed Be!

Amistis Reudan

About Amistis Reudan

Amistis Reudan is an Ordained Minister actively practicing Paganism since 2000. Mom of 2 boys, CNA at a local hospital, and Health/Fitness Coach.
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4 Responses to “G” is for Guardians

  1. greanwitch says:

    Just beautiful, Jen. What a wonderful way to start and end one’s day! Blessed Be!

  2. etain1 says:

    Yes the routine does help and I too find if I leave out any segment things don’t run as smoothly. I have added another short Reiki affirmation that I will be using for distant healing. Another one of my favorite affirmations is 1. I light this candle to honor the Sun within the sky 2. I light this candle to honor the Sun within the Earth 3. I light this candle to honor the Sun within me for I too am a being of the light and have the ability to craft my day. Blessed Be

  3. meshabelle says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog 🙂
    I’ve nominated your for the Sunshine Award-
    Mesha of

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