“H” is for Health and Healing


Today there is a lot of emphasis on health and nutrition. Working in a hospital I see so much sickness and dis-ease, illness, and yes, suffering. And though I would never wish illness upon anyone, it seems a lot of my sickest patients are also the nicest. Then I have other patient’s I have a hard time feeling bad for because I know they are in the condition they are in because of their lifestyle and choices they made.

ImageThe biggest point I am trying to emphasize is the fact that a lot of illnesses I see are PREVENTABLE if not CURE-ABLE. It is the American Way to run to the doctor or nearest pharmacy when we are sick. I admit, I even go straight to my bottle of Excedrin when I feel a headache coming on. But don’t you ever stop and wonder, “isn’t there a better, more green, more holistic way of healing myself?” I find myself pondering this daily, and am taking small steps to achieve a goal of a healthier lifestyle.



One of the most important things is to quit smoking, and to avoid those who do smoke. It had been proven over and over the health risks associated with smoking, first hand, second hand, and yes, even third hand (lingering carcinogens on their clothing and other objects). There is absolutely no health benefits associated with the act and should be avoided at all costs.


My boyfriend is a smoker as well as his family. I avoid it as much as possible. I do not allow smoking in my car or my home, but it is always on his clothes and they sometimes smoke around me without a care that I am being exposed, so I remove myself from that environment as soon as possible. I truly hope he will stop smoking, but I know too well that you cannot make anyone quit. They have to WANT to, so until then, worry about your own health and hopefully others will follow suit.


Everybody knows that exercise is important in health. I often get funny looks when someone hears that I go to the gym at least twice a week. NEWS FLASH: Gyms/Exercise isn’t just to LOOSE WEIGHT. It’s also to MAINTAIN WEIGHT, DEVELOP HEALTHY MUSCLE TONE, DE-STRESS, and honestly, it just plain makes you feel great! I really feel like I’ve accomplished something when I finish a hard workout. I usually ride the bikes with resistance for a half hour, then do kettle bell for a half hour. A friend I work with introduced me to kettle bell, and I love it! And so far its the best workout tool I’ve found because its cardio/strength training at the same time = more results in half the time!



Nutrition is also as important if not more important that exercise. They go hand in hand. You cannot keep putting junk into your body and expecting it to perform in the ways it should and to function at its best. Its like putting sand in your gas tank and expecting it to still run properly. Not likely!




Its really not as difficult to eat healthier as I would have thought. I do have a few obstacles, such as the fact that I’m not home to cook home-cooked meals that often, time is tight, my boyfriend is not very fruit and veggie oriented (hes a meat and potatoes kind of guy) and at my work they don’t usually serve the healthiest of foods (which I point out in every survey they ask me to fill out). Portion control has never really been an issue for me because I stop when I’m full and do not force myself to finish my plate. I love fruits and veggies, and eat meat occasionally (I don’t eat a lot of red meat, I prefer chicken, turkey or fish).



The fastest way to start seeing results would be to cut out soda. They are empty calories (and diet soda is even worse! Don’t even get me started on aspartame and high fructose corn syrup!) I will occasionally allow myself small treats, but I never over do myself. I know my limits and have some self control. Its mostly getting used to becoming aware of what you are putting into yourself. (P.S. I like to drink the Sobe Waters that have no sugar or artificial sweeteners).



Someday I would like to expand my health knowledge as to incorporate even more healthy alternatives to healing. I would like to learn Reiki, become a certified crystal healer, and work more with herbs. It is important to take care of yourself on all levels: mental, physical, emotional, & spiritual. They are all connected, and I feel imbalances in any of these are the root cause of the many illnesses and dia-ease in our lives.



Blessed Be!

Amistis Reudan!

About Amistis Reudan

Amistis Reudan is an Ordained Minister actively practicing Paganism since 2000. Mom of 2 boys, CNA at a local hospital, and Health/Fitness Coach.
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1 Response to “H” is for Health and Healing

  1. etain1 says:

    Good article Jen. As you know I just received my Master symbol for Reiki and working on getting my Master Reiki/Teacher in the future. I have been drawn to Crystal Grids and Chakra balancing. The more I learn the more the more I find myself seeking out more information.

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