Day 12- GRC


I have been a little behind on my posts because of my Yule events all taking place this week, so now that the MAIN part of my holiday is over, I can get back into catching up the blog part. I completed everything on my wish list as well as my grab bag, so I burned my list and started a new one.  For the New Moon I just did a really simple candle spell. Spent a little time reflecting on what I want out of life and where it is headed, and making the conscious decision to put the past behind me so I can start the new year with a clean slate. Holding onto the past doesn’t do me any good and hinders progress.


I tried my best to get the rest of my tasks done for my Yule celebration. I had to still go shopping for the food part of Yule Dinner and to get presents for Lily (my future step-daughter). I wrapped everything and made sure we had everything ready for the big weekend.


(And of course I always begin my day with the usual morning routine and speed cleaning.)

About Amistis Reudan

Amistis Reudan is an Ordained Minister actively practicing Paganism since 2000. Mom of 2 boys, CNA at a local hospital, and Health/Fitness Coach.
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