Day 17- GRC

I did my Yule Dinner with family this day. I woke up early to clean (I did a bit more than just my speed clean because of the family coming over, plus with Lily getting sick the night before I did some steam cleaning, scrubbed the bathroom, and did some laundry which included the bathroom mats.)


Everything was set up and food was cooked without being burnt. We all ate our fill of dinner (I surprisingly did not over eat). We had dessert which was homemade pumpkin pie made from the pumpkins I grew in my garden this last growing season!


After dinner was cleared, we broke down the second table and put it away in storage, and we started setting the scene for opening presents. My initial plan was to just have Lily open her presents because we will not have her again until after Christmas/Yule, but my mom brought presents for me and my love too.

047 049 046

I think it went pretty well and I got useful gifts. Clean up was rather simple and makes me appreciate having a dishwasher.

081 080

Then I took my stone the next day to work with me to throw in the parking lot. I feel a lot of weight off my shoulders having this weekend being done. I still have more gifts to buy for my love and the parents, and the siblings, and my friends, but I do not feel as stressed about it. I was more worried about getting Lily taken care of.

073 070

We tried to aim at gifts that werent all toys. She has so many she doesnt even play with that I foresee that on my list to donate. We focused more on getting gifts that were crafty. Things we could do together such as baking, or drawing, or coloring, or beading. We also got her some new clothes because she is growing out of what she has and I sense another growth spurt coming on!

085 086


I hope everyone else enjoys their Yule Festivities and Family!

About Amistis Reudan

Amistis Reudan is an Ordained Minister actively practicing Paganism since 2000. Mom of 2 boys, CNA at a local hospital, and Health/Fitness Coach.
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1 Response to Day 17- GRC

  1. etain1 says:

    Pic are great and looks like fun was had by all.

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