Day 19 – GRC

I did my morning routine. I have A WHOLE CRAP LOAD of movies – DVD’s and VHS. I really enjoy them because they make for an easy date night with my honey, especially when we are strapped for cash. After we moved to the apartment however, the guy who hooked up our television said he couldn’t get the DVD player to hook up with color, it would only show up in black and white. This baffles me because it worked just fine at the other place, still had comcast and all the same equipment.


Our solution was to hook the DVD player up to the TV in the bedroom. We do not have cable in there so it will be strictly for movies and our Nintendo (yes it is a regular 80’s nintendo, and I have a super nintendo—-I’m vintage like that haha). When we hooked the DVD player up it farted and died. So for about 8 months I have not been able to watch my movies.

Then magically, my honey got 3 DVD players (2 have VHS player attached as well) from his uncle who is cleaning out his grandma’s house since she passed away on Thanksgiving, and he said he needed to test them out to see if they worked. And amazingly the ALL work, so now I have my movie players back on track! My movies are rather organized. I keep them in my entertainment center. It has side doors where they are kept out of sight and organized. My kind of furniture!


I feel so happy about this even though its not a big deal to some people. I am not a big TV watcher, but I like my movies, and I like the time I get to spend with the love of my life. It gives us a chance to reconnect, spend some time together, and just forget the evils of the world as we step into another. (Funny thats how I feel about reading books as well.)

Blessed be!


About Amistis Reudan

Amistis Reudan is an Ordained Minister actively practicing Paganism since 2000. Mom of 2 boys, CNA at a local hospital, and Health/Fitness Coach.
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1 Response to Day 19 – GRC

  1. Crystal says:

    You should send me a list of what Nintendo games you have…I see them all the time at my Salvation Army and garage sales during the summer! I am a vintage girl too! LOL We just got rid our our original playstation this past summer because it died and I could not get parts for it anymore to fix.

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