Day 7 – GRC


I started my day with my morning ritual. I didn’t have a need for a gossip spell because I don’t participate in stirring the “shit pot”. ( after all don’t they always say those who stir the pot should have to lick the spoon?)

I made a perdition to the angel and anointed a black candle with patchouli oil. ( I timed how long it takes the candle to burn because I was curious…takes an hour and 39 minutes.)


The card I drew today was daydreaming. I think I’ve been doing a lot of that lately, trying to envision what I want in this new home.


I used my singing bowl in every room to clear out any negative nasties. I would like to make a little pillow for mine, maybe with some rice or sand in it to cushion it when I use it to help it vibrate better. I think my hand hinders it slightly, but it still sounds pretty.


After that I had some time to burn. My boyfriend got home from work so he took a nap. So I took the time to clean out the cupboard under my bathroom sink. I found some clear nail polish I have been searching for. I decided to try to curl my hair (I have to skills in that department) for a dance we were going to that night with my coworkers.


All in all it turned out to be a great night but it put me a little behind on posting, so I am catching up on my day off.

About Amistis Reudan

Amistis Reudan is an Ordained Minister actively practicing Paganism since 2000. Mom of 2 boys, CNA at a local hospital, and Health/Fitness Coach.
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1 Response to Day 7 – GRC

  1. etain1 says:

    I love the pic of you two together – glad you had a good time

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