Day 12 – GRC

Today started off early. I didn’t sleep well due to caffeine being in my system and my brain going 100 mph thinking about a crap ton of moving stuff. We had to meet our realtor at the house for our final walk through, and were a little late because my boyfriends truck wouldn’t start, had a hard time getting my car close enough to give him a jump, and we were blocked by a train so we took the long way around.

20131212-154133.jpgIsn’t this just adorable!

We did the walk through and almost everything is gone. I’m not sure if they are taking what’s left before tomorrow or if things are going to still be there when we close on the house tomorrow. The sellers gave me pictures of the gardens in spring so I can see how pretty they will be.


They also gave me a painting that the owner painted herself of a chickadee because last time I was there I mentioned how funny it was seeing it because my cat has made friends with one here at the apartment. She hears it chirp and she starts flying through the room to chatter at it. My realtor relayed the story and they decided to let me keep it- how thoughtful!


After I got back home I started my morning ritual (oh yeah I have been carrying my sachet and guardian angel token with me.) Today’s card was:

20131212-154601.jpgBeing that I didn’t sleep much (only got about 2 hours of light sleep, on and off) I don’t remember anything from last nights dream. I burned a green candle again today because today I am focused on getting the final figures so we can close tomorrow. I even called into work because the waiting is taking forever and I’m expecting them to give me a number before the banks close so I can get a cashiers check. We close on the house at 9a and the bank doesn’t open til 9a. Can’t be two places at once but I need the money or we aren’t getting anywhere! All I got so far was an estimate, but I can’t go to the bank on an estimate!


As I’ve been waiting I’ve been working on getting supplies ready for tomorrow. I got all my cleaning supplies together and a box of items I need for my house blessing. Once we finish the paperwork tomorrow I will be there all day cleaning and banishing and having fun! I like to be prepared, so I got some things done in advance.

20131212-154937.jpgI got the supplies I needed to make a fresh batch of consecrated holy water. I prefer to use a spritzer bottle as an asperger because it is more effective and covers the area more evenly.


I add sea salt for purification. I also included some crystals: One has clear quartz and rose quartz, the other has rose quartz and citrine.


20131212-155000.jpgThen I labeled them, and packed them into my box with the other supplies so I don’t forget anything! I am using two because Etain will be helping me with the House Blessing, so we are going to do each step simultaneously.

20131212-155006.jpgThen I set out to make my blessed oil we use to seal the windows, doors, and doorways.

20131212-155016.jpgI used cedar wood oil and extra virgin olive oil for protection.

20131212-155024.jpgThis is my first time using my funnel, which wasn’t easy being its so tiny, so I had to clean up my mess a few time heehee.

20131212-155030.jpgI set my oil and holy water on my altar to charge. Tomorrow I will be ready for action! Hopefully everything goes smooth and I can actually sleep!

20131212-155035.jpgHe thinks I might forget to pack him too…..he’s too Fat! to forget!

20131212-155041.jpgP.S. I figured I would also make a protection herb mixture for the perimeter of the property, and I also have rose petals I will use as well. Eventually when the ground thaws I would also like to buy crystals to bury at special points on my property, and to erect a permanent circle.

About Amistis Reudan

Amistis Reudan is an Ordained Minister actively practicing Paganism since 2000. Mom of 2 boys, CNA at a local hospital, and Health/Fitness Coach.
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1 Response to Day 12 – GRC

  1. etain1 says:

    Glad I read this post as it reminded me to pull out the blue cloth towels and the surgery white paper towels to give to you – they are a great for cleaning

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