Day 3 – GRC


I went to the gym this morning so I waited to do my morning ritual til I got back home. I didn’t sleep well last night and now I’m exhausted and I still have to make it through work tonight.


First I gathered what spices/herbs I would need for a mojo bag. I used cloves, allspice, nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger. I had a slight problem though. When I tried putting it in the bag (I didn’t have a red one) the spices/herbs came out through the mesh, so I had to put them in a little plastic ziploc type bag that I kept from when I bought my crystals, sealed it, then put it in the other bag.


I also didn’t have a small red candle only a huge pillar and a big taper so I used my small white taper ( it’s like a wild card color that can be a substitute for any) and anointed it with tangerine oil and cedar wood oil, both associated with the fire element.


Then I proceeded with my morning ritual, and invoked the angel and charged my candle and mojo bag for the tasks I need help moving forward and accomplishing.


The candle is still burning so I will let it finish. In the meantime I am decluttering before I have to go to work and using my discard box well…though my cats think the box is for them. I also got a new deck of oracle cards based on dreams, since I am a very lucid dreamer and can remember even the tiniest details. The edges are so pretty, they are a shiny gold.


I drew my first card and it made me laugh because it was a new moon yesterday and it’s currently waxing. And it fits in well with our theme of moving forward with new projects and getting closer to our goals.


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Day 2 – GRC



I was up late last night canning salsa so I slept in today (while I was waiting for the canning to complete I worked on making the sigil/wishes, and wrote out a whole bowl of affirmations to use for this challenge as well as wrote out my goal).

I woke up, got ready for the day. I did my morning ritual. I burned each wish in my cauldron and they burned surprisingly well. I hardly had any ashes left to send into the wind.

I went through my closet and threw out 9 random things that were given to me by my boyfriends mom which I couldn’t see ever using. I also did more than a 5 minute speed clean. I spent most of the time cleaning my kitchen from last night since I already organized everything yesterday after putting up decorations.

Then when that was out of the way I spent the rest of my last day off out of five hanging out with my boyfriend reading my book and watching tv. We went out to get Chinese food and spent a quiet evening together.



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Great Release Challenge 2013 (Day 1- GRC)



Today was a very eventful day. Lily and I started our day with the morning ritual ( we used orange juice instead of water) then did our three minute speed clean. She picked what kind of ringtone would play when the timer went off then zoom we were running around like wild women! She said it was “super fun” and “lets do it again but for 6 minutes instead!”

We took down all our Thanksgiving decorations, washed and dried and folded two loads of laundry, put up all our Yule decorations and put up the tree. In the process I also organized the storage in the basement. I was too tired to cook so we grabbed a pizza for dinner. I started a list of things I want to tackle, tho I have a feeling most will be accomplished when we move ( which is more of an idea time for me to go through EVERYTHING and chuck out crap I don’t need). We are hoping this whole house process will be over soon.




We also cleansed the house with sage and tore down my thanksgiving altar and set up my Yule altar which we will be using for the rest of the challenge. Can’t wait til tomorrow!

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Planting our Garden 2013


Spent this weekend with my family planting our garden. The last two attempt to plant resulted in cold and rainy, or rainy and tornado warnings. There was possible rain in the forecast for this weekend as well, however it didn’t ever happen. I took the risk and decided to plant anyways.


I checked my planner, and it said it would be a good planting day.  I am happy to be able to plant, especially being that it is now June. I would rather have gotten my garden planted sooner but mother nature had other plans. I really enjoy planting our garden each year because it makes me feel like I am connecting with the past and my ancestors. This is what they had to do every year, though on a bigger scale, and their lives depended on it. They worked with the earth.  We make it a whole family event. I planted, my boyfriend dug the holes, trenches and made the mounds for me to plant in, his daughter helped me plant some plants/seeds, and his father helped with the seeds as well. His mother helped his daughter plant her own little garden in her planters.

ImageThis year we have eight green pepper plants, four roma tomato plants, two rows of sweet corn, two rows of peaches and cream corn, two mounds of hubbard squash, four mounds of butternut squash, five mounds of watermelon, two mounds each of two different kinds of monster pumpkins (from 100-200lbs), a mound of regular jack-o-lantern pumpkins, and a mound of mini pumpkins.


We also planted more gigantic mammoth sunflowers in the front of each corn row. The only herbs that survived were the chives, spearmint, and sage. We also have some strawberries planted in the box.


Oh yeah, we planted some carrots too, and green beans, and we plan on planting potatoes as well, but we need to get some and let them grow eyes because the plant store was sold out. I am most excited for the big pumpkins because I have not grown HUGE pumpkins since I was pre-kindergarten age.


I ended up getting sunburned even on the cloudy day. At least it was still warm enough to be outside and be comfortable. The wind was blowing just enough to keep me cool without freezing me out. It gets me very excited this time of the year. I feel summer is upon us. I love seeing the garden go from sad, dead, hard, barren looking from the winter, to lush, green, happy, fertile when we get to plow it and use the rototiller to turn the soil and ready it for the new crop.


I have a feeling the garden will be extra productive this year because I also incorporated more witchie things, which I would like to add to my yearly tradition. I save all the ashes I can throughout the year, for example, from the beltane fire, my incense, sage bundles, etc. I consider these sacred ashes, and I save them for Ostara/Beltane time of the year.


On Ostara we blessed our hard boil eggs, wrote symbols on them things we wish to manifest. Later I ate my egg, and saved the shell. I crushed it into a power using my mortar and pestle, and later used it along with my sacred ashes to bless my garden. After it is planted, I also say a prayer over my crop asking for abundance and protection from pests and disease, so that my family may be provided for with the healthiest form of food.

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Day 30 – GRC


I have been working yesterday and today and I can proudly say I have gotten all of my Yule/Christmas things packed up and put away. My place looks so much more clean and open. The good thing is that since I am normally a pretty tidy person, the challenges weren’t too bad. Instead I focused more on my daily cleaning tasks plus some of the other areas that aren’t dealt with such as certain cupboards, under sinks, closets, etc where its easy to stash things are forget about them.


I cleaned out my hallway closet which has four huge shelves, cleaned out under my bathroom sink, cleaned out my other closet in the dining room, cleaned out the fridge again, organized the desk area, and made some progress in the bedrooms. I still have some things in lilys room that needs to be taken to storage, but they need my boyfriends truck, and if it were up to me it would have been done months ago. He keeps ignoring it. Im almost to the point of dragging it out to the front door so he has to look at it every day until he puts it in storage. I feel like her room is becoming our temporary storage for things that have no place here at the moment. I would like to pare it down to just her things then organize her closet and toys to make room for things she actually plays with and pack up the things that no longer serve her.


I did dishes and laundry, spruced up my Altar for Imbolc, changed the cats water, dusted, washed mirrors, took out about 5 bags of trash, put the bottles and cans in storage , and any other little things I ran into along the way. My next task is probably all my paperwork and other things for years end that I need to take care of. Tomorrow will be a little easier because I will have the whole place to myself, no kids, no fellas, just me and the kitty cats! Ended my day with some Uno Attack! It was a good day all in all.

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Day 29 – GRC

I am so happy I have the last three days of the challenge off from work! It is really a struggle to keep up with everything when I spend most of my waking hours at work, and by the time I get home its practically midnight and I am exhausted. I don’t like being rushed trying to get as much done before going to work as I can, then to run my tail off all day, then come home a crash. The sad part is I’m not even dealing with school stuff right now, and I feel the way I do when I am….all my free time is zapped!

I really struggle with the words I speak. Sometimes things just come out before I really have a chance to think about it or catch myself. I find myself complaining a lot (pssshhhhh just look at my last paragraph!) or I say things like “my brain is killing me” then I think “crap I shouldn’t say that because someday it MIGHT!” (Alzheimer’s runs in my family.)

My 20 words:

  1. censorship
  2. kindness
  3. intelligence
  4. money
  5. love
  6. patience
  7. energy
  8. cleansing
  9. wisdom
  10. stabilty
  11. efficiency
  12. friendliness
  13. honorable
  14. pleasant
  15. peaceful
  16. healthy
  17. resourceful
  18. steady
  19. focused
  20. painless

I will add this list to my daily morning routine.

Blessed be!



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Day 28 – GRC



Ok I survived THREE days of CHAOS! I am officially off work for the next three days. I seriously wonder how i make it out alive sometimes! My kitties were loving this day. I did not have much time this morning, but I made an effort. (Most of my morning was taken up making Turkey Soup and canning it for the in-laws).



I washed out both my kitties bowls, swept up the whole kitchen and their eating space where they like to drop dry kitty food, gave them some “Fancy Feast” which they only get in their stockings each year, refilled their water dispenser with fresh water, took off their collars and scratched them for a long while and let them run around “naked” all day. When I got home from work I even gave them some “Temptations” their favorite cat treats! All they gotta do is hear the bag and they come running. Now they are both getting “cat baths”. I really love my animals. They are my fur-babies, and they give me so much unconditional love.


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Day 27 – GRC


Today I started my next three day stretch of work. I know I have three days off this coming weekend and my goal is to take down my Yule decorations then, plus I’ll have the help of my step-daughter. I really hate when I take everything down, get it put away in storage, then I start finding random things that should have been packed up with everything else (last year it was some snowmen salt and pepper shaker with a matching sugar bowl, and my snowflake candle holder).


I always take special care with my ornaments, and think of all the memories i have of them. i also remove my countdown calendar ornament last. Its always the last thing on and off the tree. I did some speed cleaning before work as usual, and have been working on using some new kettlebells I found on clearance. The are “Bob Harper Contour” kettlebells so they are nicer to my wrists, and I want another 15 pound kettlebell and maybe two 20 pound kettlebells. Then i would have a nice beginning set. I have been faithfully going to the gym tuesdays and thursdays since last february. I’ve been rethinking my wardrobe a little, and sprucing up my home a bit. I even did my nails for a day!


I am feeling the itch to get my home back to “normal”.

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Day 26 – GRC


When I think of needs, I think of the basics, such as food, shelter, warmth, water, etc. Its the things I know must be done, not necessarily the things I WANT to do, but certain responsibilities that must be met. I know I do not think much about the things I need, and  I do not always fulfill those things, such as water. I know I am chronically dehydrated, but i find it hard to find the time to eat and drink as much as I need to.

Wants to me are things I can live without, but they really make my life easier to have, such as money, time, that cute outfit over there heehee, a nap! If I get something I have been really wanting, I do feel very relieved and happy. Its not often I get to treat myself with something just for me, so getting something I want is very special. When I think of “I Want” it really makes me think of that spoiled child who always wants something and is never satisfied. Growing up I did not have the option of voicing the things I wanted, to even getting the opportunity to fulfill any wants I had. I was taught to keep quiet and not ask for things unless it couldn’t be helped (such as asking for a permission slip to be signed). I got gifts on Christmas and my birthday. Any other days were normal days where you do not ask for things. So growing up this way, I guess would be where my bad association with “I Want” came from.

When I think of what I value, I think of things that cannot be bought. Its those special things you appreciate and shouldnt be taken for granted. I value my family and friends, my pets, organization, relaxation, quiet, my time for spirituality, cooking, reading, having an education, manners, cleanliness, etc. I find i get very frustrated when something comes in conflict with something i value. When something feels so important to me, I can’t help but wonder why is it not important to others as well. Sometimes I feel alone in my pursuit for things that align with my values.

What I appreciate in life- kind of goes hand in hand with what I value. I appreciate those who take the time to do a task correctly, or to make sure that when they leave an area such as work, they leave it properly functioning and tidy for the next person. I appreciate people to take care of the elderly and children, because they are the ones who need to be protected the most, for they cannot always protect themselves (same goes for animals.) I appreciate taking pride in my home, my possessions, and staying organized. I makes me feel accomplished and less stressed with things are orderly, and I work hard for everything I own, so why wouldn’t I take care of it? I appreciate those who work hard to get somewhere in life an do not strive to live off welfare and child support. I appreciate family—not just the people in it, but all the things that come with it. I appreciate nature in its rawest form. Even with all the crap going on in the world, and so many things to let you down or make you sad, the cruelty of people these day, you can always turn to nature and feel that peace and knowing that this is where you belong. I appreciate more holistic healing, rather than just pill pushing. Id rather find out the root of a problem rather than mask the symptoms. I appreciate my friends and all they do for me, and never make me feel bad for not always being around. The understand the busy pace of life, and are always there to make time for me when i have free time of my own. There are so many things I appreciate, because I am always grateful. Once you know what its like to be without so much in life, you learn to respect and appreciate so much in life.

I then took out the trash and relaxed a bit. Looking back at my list

My needs are pretty basic, I live my life simply and know how to survive without many things. However, I do still have wants, even if they cannot always be fulfilled. I feel better when I do not have to worry about some things, such as bills. I always know I will find a way to get past them each month, and Goddess has helped by making a Full Time position available this year, so my income has increased. Most of my values and wants and appreciations however are not of the physical sense. They are more of an emotional/mental sense. I want a sense of feeling wanted, and love, and appreciated for all the things I do for others. Its funny how such things as that seem the hardest to attain. More so than the physical things. I am trying to train myself mentally to change my perception of things, because sometimes I think my overactive thought processes bring me down rather than what is actually taking place. I expect people to behave a certain way then get disappointed when they don’t. In reality everything is neutral, it just depends on what you do with it and how YOU perceive it and how YOU react.

Ok took my shower for the night, got my candle lit and a fresh paper.

Rewrote my list, and as I stated previously, I am trying to change my perceptions. Its really a tough thing to do, and one I know will take continuous effort. Cleaned out my purse (when this year is over I can remove my planner for 2012) and empowered my coins.

Blessed Be!


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Day 25 – GRC


Today I woke up a little late….and to my surprise I got a call from my brother who lives in Oklahoma (Air Force Duty). As I was talking to him my sister who lives in the Florida Keys called me on Skype, and soon we were doing a 3 way call, though I could only see my brother but could still hear my sister (have to pay extra to see both of them at once.) My sister wanted to see what my sweater looked like on me that she bought me for Yule.


Then after our goodbyes I scrambled out the door with a load of gifts to head to my moms (being that I was already late due to the unexpected calls from the siblings!) I arrived there and had a nice breakfast casserole and they opened their gifts from me. Then we hung out and pet their 4 kitties until I had to leave to arrive at my future in-laws for their Christmas dinner. I sat, ate, opened presents, relaxed with them for a bit until my boyfriend got out of work, then we headed home for the night. We watched a bit of TV then headed to bed.


It was a pretty relaxing day, and I released some held on tensions. Sometimes I do not get along with family, but I think everyone has been making an effort to minimize the stress. I still feel sad that my brother and sister are no longer here with me, and this being my first Christmas without my sister or my uncle chuckie (he passed away), I have had to deal with a bit of loss this year. Even though my brother and sister are still alive thank Goddess, I still miss them very much, and nothing is the same without them. But I know that they are being well taken care of and are happy, and moving on with their lives. They are both getting married to their fiances this June, and I need to release the sadness and embrace the happiness they have found in their lives.


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