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No More Negativity

I’ve come to realize today that I have been on quite the negative slump. It seems to me like anything that can go wrong is going wrong and I don’t know how to fix it. So I have been ranting … Continue reading

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June 6

There are seasons when the generosity of the earth, which supports us at all times, is made more manifest than at others. Our life cannot be endlessly summer, but even in winter she provides us air to breathe and water … Continue reading

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Candle Making and Crocheting

Today I have been spending some time exploring a side of me that is usually not experimented with: my CREATIVE side! I have been slowly teaching myself how to crochet, and every time I begin, I stop. Then I go … Continue reading

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10 Commandments in Different Traditions

Wiccan/Pagan 10 Commandments (Singer, 2006) I. Thou Art God and Goddess II. As Above So Below, As Within So Without III. Spirit Abides in All Things, Names and Words of Power IV. Maintain an Attitude of Gratitude (Walk the Talk) … Continue reading

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